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5 Reasons why you should consider Aromatherapy !

What is Aromatherapy !

Aromatherapy, also referred to as Essential Oil therapy, can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.

Today, aromatherapy is one of the most popular of all complementary therapies, offering a wide range of highly effective treatments to both the acute and chronic stages of illness and disease. At the same time, regular use of aromatherapy treatments and home-use products can help to strengthen the immune system, thereby establishing a preventative approach to overall health.

We decided to list our 5 top reasons why you should consider aromatherapy as a great alternative to a better life.

5. Pain Relief

Analgesics can have a lot of different effects on the body as a side effect, even if they do relieve the pain. However, if aromatherapy can relieve dozens of different types of pain, then why not take advantage of it?

Try: Lavender, chamomile, clary sage, rosemary, and peppermint essential oils.

4. Immune System

It is far better to prevent than treat, as most medical professionals say, and aromatherapy can give you a serious boost to your immune system if used properly.

Try: oregano, lemon, cinnamon, and eucalyptus essential oils.

3. Headache

Everyone gets headaches from time to time, and the bad ones can stop us dead in our tracks. Rather than relying on pharmaceuticals or dishing out a lot of money for an expensive massage, aromatherapy can be a wonderful solution for you.

Try: almond, avocado, coconut, apricot kernel, and sesame oils.

2. Sleep aid.

Not getting enough sleep can exacerbate or cause a huge range of medical conditions and can leave us feeling unproductive and devoid of energy. Luckily, aromatherapy comes through again and can provide us with a more balanced sleep schedule.

Try: lavender, chamomile, jasmine, rose and sandalwood essential oils.


Perhaps the most widespread and popular use of aromatherapy is for stress relief. The aromatic compounds from many different essential oils are known as relaxants and can help to soothe your mind and eliminate anxiety.

Try: lavender and bergamot essential oils.


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