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Our Top 3 Candles | Best sellers on Etsy.

So... going through our shop on Etsy today I have decided to take a look at our best sellers. I think knowing what customers love the most is really what matters when keeping up with our business.

It was no surprising the results we had. Soy candle is something really popular and despite the fact that I love all scents we sell, there are three that has been proving very popular.

In the last three months, the top 3 selling candles were:

3. Lime Basil & Mandarin

No wonder this candle would be on the list. This scent might be on the third place in the last 3 months, but I can assure you that this candle is sooooooo popular that it surprised me knowing it was not in first place. This candle is so great I just love it. I have a thing for citrus scents so if that is what you also like, then get it. Perfect for you, for your friend, for Christmas, any occasion. A must have candle !

Buy Lime Basil & Mandarin Candle on Etsy

2. Musk & Sandalwood

This one got me by surprise. Not because I don't like it (I love all my candles) but because it is a scent that people tend to buy for men. I supposed it can be a great gift for boyfriends or husbands out there. Although, now I am thinking, having this candle lit by your side table while you're having a coffee on a cold winter day seems to be the perfect occasion for this fragrance, no matter what gender you are. So, next time you are browsing for candles, take home this beatiful Musk & Sandalwood candle.

Buy Musk & Sandalwood Candle on Etsy

1. Aromatherapy Bergamot.

That is the power of aromatherapy right there. Top selling candle on our Etsy shop. Using essential oil combined with organic soy wax. For those into aromatherapy, bergamot oil can elevate mood and alleviate stress. I like lighting it up in the morning or throughout the day.

Buy Aromatherapy Bergamot Candle on Etsy

Remember, those 3 candles are the most popular in the last three months, however, be sure to try out all other scents we have. Also, make sure you visit our shop on Etsy, but also our own website.

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Until next time! Stay home, stay safe.


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