• Fernando G.

One New Change ! Maybe Not ...

Updated: Mar 20

So we were all excited to start a new adventure but this COVID-19 got in our way. For a few years we have been selling online and during this time we have been lucky to work with amazing people, spreading our passion for candle making to different places. Most importantly, Know & Love .

Anyway, the time had come in order for our business to grow and then UPMARKET came along. A great opportunity for us (Matthew and me) to put ourselves out there and talk to people, sharing our passion for soy candles. We were given this amazing platform at One New Change, a shopping centre in the heart of central London.

For four weeks, every friday, we were meant to be there, all set up and exited to show our candles to the world, in person!

As we all know we are now facing a global issue with this COVID-19. I am already working from home (from my main full time job) and still waiting to see if it's going to happen. At the moment, we are still confirmed to be there from the 27th of March, however, we feel that this may not be the right moment and as soon as we know more about it, we will let you guys know.

In the meantime, we are still selling online on our website, on our Etsy shop, and of course at Know & Love. At least while we can still post them!

The great news is that, now that I am working from home I will have more time to make changes on our website, work on social media, and of course, do more blog posts as this has been neglected.

Stay healthy everybody!

Lots of Love



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