Aromatherapy Lemongrass Large 3 Wick Candle in a Glass

Aromatherapy Lemongrass Large 3 Wick Candle in a Glass


Lemongrass Essential Oil is obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of the lemongrass. Lemongrass is the perfect scent for when you need an energy boost. It has a very clean, crisp aroma, with a distinct citrusy lemon feel with a touch of botanical grasses. It is praised for its stimulating properties and exotic fragrance. The overall effect is purifying, refreshing, and energizing.

The scent of lemongrass also has an effect to the human senses. It helps you calm down and relieves your stress and even insomnia. The scent is so relaxing and not painful to the nose. You can enjoy the calming effects of the lemongrass scent at home by lighting up one of our candles. Available in 3 different sized, perfect for small (100g Tin), medium (250g White Glass) or large rooms (3 wick Whiite Glass). 

Our Pure Aromatherapy Lemongrass candle is made from 100 % pure organic soy wax and that can only mean one thing: A pure, clean and lasting burn. Hand poured in London. 


Approximate Burning Times: 

  • 100 g Tin - 25 Hours
  • 250 g White Glass - 45 Hours
  • 450 g 3 Wick White Glass - 60 Hours


Instructions and Other Info

We encourage you to have a first burning time of 3-4 hours and do not leave you candle unatandable.  

Please note that soy wax is a clean and natural wax, so keep in mind that, different from normal paraffin waxes, rough tops after burning might be expected but once relit it will return to its nice melt pool. 

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